VERT Coach

VERT Coach

Manage jump load to help prevent injuries and vertical height performance for up to 8 athletes in real-time.


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VERT Coach is a jump load management platform used by over 350 collegiate programs. All data is collected wirelessly by VERT wearable devices. The VERT devices capture real-time jump metrics during tryouts, practices and games. The sensors connect wirelessly to an iPad via Bluetooth BLE or WIFI (model #ROM only). When using BLE the iPad can manage up to eight (8) sensors at once; and up to sixteen (16) units when using WIFI (model #ROM only) in conjunction with a router set up. This product requires an annual subscription of $199.99 per app download for data storage and automated session reports.

VERT Coach Best Practices

Injury Prevention:

  • Manage training load to avoid over-working athletes.
  • Closely monitor athletes coming back from injury.

Optimize Performance:

  • Develop practice plans that ensure best jumps on game-day.
  • Motivate players with live leaderboards.
  • Monitor effort and consistency with % of max.
  • Track improvement from strength training.

VERT Coach comes standard with the following screens:

  • Team View (all active players)
  • Jump Leaderboard (for motivation)
  • Player Graphing page (graphs out sessions jumps)
  • Clipboard (for quick player notes)